Friday, June 14, 2019

First, choose an organisation that interests you based in the UK or Assignment

First, choose an organisation that interests you based in the UK or afield - Assignment ExampleCurrently, British Airways has been branded as one of the first airlines in adaptation of green technology and environmental friendly strategies. British Airways was among the guide companies to be among the schemes of European Countries decreasing greenhouse emissions. In addition to the innovative improvements towards the ways in which passengers fly, the caller-up has also undergone huge revolutions. The passengers can print their cause boarding pass thanks to British Airways. Among other developments initiated by the airline is the ongoing developments in Heathrow airport which is the busiest airport in the United KingdomThe 2008 frugal crisis collide withed the airline in terms of revenue. Nevertheless, with the recent mergers changes and in air trade regulations and policies, the companys future is bright and there are a positive sign for British Airways both in domestic and for eign markets. The annual report of the company has always emphasized on how much the company would wish to become one of the best responsible airlines in the world and designing of the guiding principles together with careful strategic direction will in the end allow the achievement of the desired goals (Porter, 2002)Customers-even though customers are the greatest source of the companys profits, they have less impact on how the company is be managed. British Airways wants to maintain the existing customers and attract new customers.Employees-they have the ability to influence the customers. The reduction the company has to make, though, leads to employee dissatisfaction. The cabin crew have mostly convey their demands through strikes and go-slowsCompetitors-British Airways is the leading airline with a turnover of 8.99 billion per year. Though British Airways is the market leader, airlines that adopt low cost strategy can affect decision making of the companySuppliers-Airbus

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