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Labor Union And Employment Agencies - 807 Words

ii. Labor union and employment agencies: Labor unions that have more than 15 members or operate a hiring hall that refers workers to covered employers and employment agencies that procure workers for employers are covered by Title VII. iii. Religious organization: Religious organizations (including religious educational institutions) may discriminate on the basis of religion in their activities, including secular, profit-making commercial activities; however, they are not exempted to discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin or age. iv. White males: As the title doesn’t mention specific races that are covered or not covered rather it says no race is excluded from the protection afforded by the title VII, thus white†¦show more content†¦We do not pay taxes on the partnership, though we should report income or losses on our individual tax returns. We will be personally liable to the extent of the full amount of partnership’s obligation and e ach of partners is liable for the acts of others and to others. c) Limited Partnership Another business structure to establish is Limited Partnership, which is similar to the partnership with a slight difference where it formed with at least one general partner and one limited partner. The general partners have the same obligation as partners in a general partnership; however, limited partners have limited liability to the extent of their contribution. The advantage of this business formation is the limited personal liability for individual partners for the acts of another partner within the organization. It has the same tax consequences as a general partnership. One important positive aspect is management and control aspects of the organization could be divided or separated among partners. It’s shortcoming, a general partner is still personally fully liable for the debts of the business. If the limited partner wants to become active in the business, he/she may assume the personal liability obligation. d) Corporation If I wanted to separate my business with personal property, and raise a significant amount of capitals, the appropriate business form would be incorporating my business into a corporation to a unique entityShow MoreRelatedEssay on Employment Law1370 Words   |  6 PagesEmployment Law The purpose of this paper is to analyze a specific, hypothetical employment situation encountered and to include the information regarding employment conflicts, questions, grievances, lawsuits, etc., in terms of how the situation was handled or resolved.  Ã‚  Employment conflicts are a constant issue everyday in any organization; it is how you handle them both legally and professionally that counts. Employment Law Situation In this situationRead MoreLabor And The Collective Bargaining Process978 Words   |  4 Pagespeople. In the collective bargaining process in labor it is the individual employees and the labor unions which represent them. In local, state, and federal government agencies and the public. It is the government agencies that act as representatives of the public interest and are responsible for making policies. 2.1 Some basic assumptions about labor and conflict are society has an impact on labor activities, that conflict is gong to happen between labor and management. This conflict is not alwaysRead MoreA Brief Note On The Agency And Unions1499 Words   |  6 PagesThe Agency and Unions Unions give the opportunity to be represented at all formal discussions between the Employer and an employee (s) concerning any grievances or any personal policy or practices or matters affecting general working conditions of employment. Union representatives have opportunities to ask questions on behalf of the employees that they may not get a chance to do. Within the HHS, union representatives receive official time for the performance of representational functions; â€Å"meaningRead MoreHistory Of Michigan s Right On Work Reform1314 Words   |  6 Pagesstates for unemployment. This may sound like an improvement for Michigan, however, the reason for the decrease in unemployment rate was due to the shrinking labor force. Nearly 224,000 people were either leaving the state, retiring, going back to school, or ultimately too discouraged to find work (Luhby, 2012). Despite the dwindling labor force, 2011 was an incredible year for the Michigan economy seeing a $457 million budget surplus primarily due to all three major US automakers being profitableRead MoreEssay on Employment Discrimination933 Words   |  4 PagesEmployment Discrimination laws seek to prevent discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, and age by employers. There is also a growing body of law preventing or occasionally justifying employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. Discriminatory practices include bias in hiring, promotion, job assignment, termination, compensation, and various types of harassment. The main body of employment discrimination laws is composed of federal and state statutesRead MoreLabor Unions Today930 Words   |  4 PagesLabor unions today Today most labor unions in the United States are members of one of two larger umbrella organizations: the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) or the Change to Win Federation, which split from the AFL-CIO in 2005. Both organizations advocate policies and legislation favorable to workers in the United States and Canada, and take an active role in Democratic party politics. The AFL-CIO is especially concerned with global trade issues. PrivateRead MoreThe Importance Of Studying Corporate Law Or Labor / Employment Law1361 Words   |  6 Pagesconfident in what I wanted to be when I grew up - to be a lawyer. As far as what area of law I want to study, though, the answer has not been quite as clear. For years I have teetered back and forth between the idea of studying corporate law or labor/employment law. In order to aid in the decision making process, I have researched the job outlook for both positions, their salaries, education requirements, working environment, and job duties. Since both areas are still in the legal profession, theirRead MoreEeoc Presentation788 Words   |  4 PagesChantell Citizen Ronald Smith EEOC Presentation The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was established shortly after the passage of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 by the US federal agency empowered by Congress. The EEOC is to enforce the laws prohibiting discrimination in the workplace. The EEOC was giving the right to oversee the practices of private and government employers to combat discrimination (What Is The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (eeoc)?†, 2012). The EEOC wins casesRead MoreCan Pay Fair Share Fees Cost You Your Job?767 Words   |  4 Pagesdecision says that it can. We are all familiar with the narrative of corporation versus labor union, but this Supreme Court case sheds a light on a less well-known opponent of unions: non-union employees. On Tuesday, March 29, the Supreme Court reached a 4-4 vote in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, a major labor case on union funding. This tie vote upholds the legality of fair share fees and allows unions to maintain the system they use to collect funds that support collective bargainingRead MorePublic Employment Relations Boards ( Perbs )1358 Words   |  6 Pages Public Employment Relations Boards (PERBs) are federal government or state appointed agencies that are responsible for resolving collective bargaining disputes, determining the bargaining units, monitoring representing elections, selecting a bargaining agent and solving the employment and labor related disputes of employees working in the public sector. Bargaining is the process through which employers and employees negotiate the terms of work and set them down in a formal contract that lays out

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Cadbury Advert - Connotation and Denotation Essay

Cadbury’s Caramel Busy Bee Advert Denotation- A female bunny, wearing a pink bow, sits in an open area under a tree. A bumble bee buzzes down from the tree and flies into a flower. The bunny tells the bee to relax and feeds him chocolate. The bee and bunny both relax when a mole come digging by disturbing them and pops up where the bunny was sitting, she moves and offers him chocolate, then he blushes. Connotation- The area is outside and isolated from any industrial disturbances. Nature is seen as peaceful and calming. The bunny is wearing a pink bow around her neck to symbolise she is a girl; it also shows her as innocent and sweet with big brown eyes– like chocolate. Her voice has a sexual tone and when she talks to the bee he†¦show more content†¦The fact that it rains and her painting gets ruined shows that when bad things happen you can always look on the bright side, like she does by turning it around she decides it looks better. The advert insinuates that to see the bright side in the bad things is attainable by eating a flake. The song has a relaxing acoustic sound to it and the lyrics ‘taste like chocolate never tasted before’ insinuating that the chocolate is new and unique, like her painting. The style of the painting, now having run due to rain, is different and unique. Cadbury’s Gorilla Advert Denotation- The advert starts with a purple screen, the camera then pans across to something with black fur. As the camera continues to move across and starts to zoom out, we see it is a close up of a gorilla, with an earpiece in. We see him close his eyes, taking deep breaths and clicking his neck, at one time he snarls at the camera. The music slowly builds up, at the point when we see the gorilla is sitting at a drum set, he starts to play them. All this time the camera is slowly panning out to reveal him to be in a music studio surrounded by mic’s and speakers. The advert finishes with a purple screen and showing a bar of Cadbury chocolate. Connotation- The colour purple is the associated with Cadburys as it is the main colour of the logo. We see him closing his eyes and breathing deeply, as to calm himself, to isolate himself in a sense of inner

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Home Is A Safe Haven - 769 Words

Home is a safe haven. A place where one should be able to go after a long hard day and unwind with whatever vices they so choose given they are legal. A place where one ought to feel protected and not judged; where your prospective on societal and political issues, political correctness, or even your commentary about mundane things should be voiced without fear of retaliation or consequences from the outside world. However, what happens when conversations and activities done in the privacy of your own home or outside of the workplace leak out? In recent media headlines we have seen just that; private conversations, emails and activities that were not intended for the workplace or mass media to discover being not only scrutinized, but carrying repercussions for those involved. Some have not only lost the respect of colleagues but have lost their careers. With this in mind, how an individual ought to conduct themselves in every situation is not outlined by the codes of ethics. Your translation of the various ethical codes are contingent upon your own ethical awareness and problem solving skills (Cory G, 2015, p.6). In order for one to solve a problem, they must first identify the problem. In this scenario, the problem or dilemma is that I was offered a proposal to be provided with the answers to a game show in exchange for one hundred thousand dollars I would begin to consider the stakes for agreeing to be a part of a game show that has been rigged. After all, no oneShow MoreRelatedThe Sovereignty And Goodness Of God1127 Words   |  5 Pagesone can infer her place at home and how that changed as she became captive. It begins with her omission of the soldier’s failure to protect them from the Natives. While she writes about the horrendous death some soldiers receive, she does not mention much about their courage to protect the colonist. This can only be inferred as she begins her writing with the attack. Although, she does not say what she expected of the soldiers, her whole family stayed inside their home expecting to be saved and forRead MoreThe Positive Parenting Program Intervenes With Parenting Skills And The Needs Of The Family1079 Words   |  5 Pagesplace them in orphanages, with relatives or in foster homes. However, a place where children can go and be themselves, a safe haven should be created. To help the children who have suffered and need a place where they can go to no matter what. The program is called Safe Haven. In this program, children who are being abused will have a place where they can go if they feel as if they are in danger or they just need to get away. Safe Haven will provide a place where the children can stay whenRead More Are Safe-Haven Laws A Good Idea? Essay1279 Words   |  6 PagesAre Safe-Haven Laws A Good Idea? Debi Faris recently made the sad drive, again, from her home in Yucaipa, California, to the Los Angeles County coroners office to retrieve the body of a baby boy who had been left by a dumpster. Ms. Faris, her husband, Mark, and others laid baby Jacob (who was named by the police officer who found the child) to rest in the Garden of Angels, a small portion of a local cemetery the Farises established for abandoned infants in 1996. With the help of donations,Read MoreOn The Haven Of Oakland Website Essay1281 Words   |  6 PagesOn the HAVEN of Oakland website ( under the â€Å"What We Do† tab it goes on to explain that their mission is â€Å"To elimate sexual assault and domestic violence and to empower surviovers through advocay and social change in and around Oakland county† (CITE) HAVEN of Oakland is a non-profit organization meant to better the community and make everyone; all age ranges aware of the impact domestic violence has on all of us. HAVEN provides shelter, counseling, advocacy, and educationalRead MoreHuman Trafficking : The United States1250 Words   |  5 PagesTrafficking Source Center, 5,544 cases of human trafficking were reported in the United States in 2015. With human trafficking being around for so long, nations have to find ways to create tougher laws, find a way to focus on the issue, and create better safe havens for the victims of the crime. To get a better understanding of what human trafficking is we need to go back to the root of what started it all. When I looked up to see when human trafficking started I was sort of shocked and confused to see thatRead MoreThe Bean Trees By Barbra Kingsolver1723 Words   |  7 Pagesbrothers and sisters, and role model figures as aunts and uncles. The Bean Trees is written by Barbra Kingsolver and is set in the early 1980 s. It tells the story of a young woman named Taylor, and the life she builds in Tucson Arizona. Far from home, she meets many great people and finds a place where she belongs. Kingsolver shapes her message of the importance of families both blood and found through her use of character archetypes such as Taylor the hero, who embarks on many adventures thatRead MoreSafe Haven ( 1st Draft )1157 Words   |  5 PagesSafe Haven (1st Draft) The infuriatingly endless forest blurred together in shades of murky greens and muddy browns, my foot pressing steadily on the gas as I blew past my first official welcome to my mother s hometown. â€Å"Now Entering, Safe Haven,† I scoffed, blowing my burgundy bangs from my eyes. I grabbed the cryptic map that lead me back here after all these years, balled it up, and threw it blindly over my shoulder. â€Å"Says who?† I asked the (silent/static) radio. I rolled my eyesRead MorePublic Health Problem : Domestic Abuse Essay1644 Words   |  7 Pagescommonly abused population (Statistics, 2015). Statistics say that eighty-five percent of victims are in fact women (Safe Voices, 2016). One in three women and one in four men have experienced some type of abuse/violence in their lifetime (Statistics, 2015). Most cases of domestic violence are never reported and only thirty-three percent of victims ever tell anyone about their abuse (Safe Voices, 2016). Another type of physical abuse is sexual abuse. Statistics say that forty to forty-five percent ofRead MoreA Relationship With Low Self Esteem971 Words   |  4 Pagescalled the strange situation. The strange situation is an observational technique to judge the partners attachment style (Selcuk, Zayas, Hazan, 2010). The strange situation looks at the secure base, the partner and the relationship, and the safe haven, respectively. The strange situation technique can also be used to change an insecure adult to a secure adult, once they are aware of their attachment style. Adults who appear secure in the strange situation, for example, tend to have a partnerRead MoreAn Analysis Of Pixar s Film, Inside Out, And The World Of A Young Girl Named Riley1220 Words   |  5 PagesWe all have feelings or internal parts. They â€Å"talk† to us all day long. We hear them every minute of our lives from the home, work, school; sometimes very opinionated, chatter. But don’t you wo nder who controls where our mind goes? Which part of us makes the final decisions? Is there some larger aspect of us that references a broader perspective, an appreciative and compassionate way of seeing things? Pixar’s film, Inside Out, addresses our relationship to our feelings in a sophisticated way for

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Justice in Othello free essay sample

Justice is a powerful force, one that continuously motivates the actions of an individual. Each individual has a different understanding of what justice is, and many will go to extreme measures to receive justice. In Othello, William Shakespeare develops the idea that an individual will go to extreme measures in order to obtain his own sense of justice. However, the individual will go to such extremes in an attempt to receive justice that the repercussions of his actions will overpower the feeling of success he attains in his endeavour. When an individual feels as though he has been robbed of his rightful acknowledgements, he will go to extreme measures to obtain justicein fact, in working to attain justice, he will end up lapsing into a plot of revenge. Iago feels wronged by Othello when Cassio is chosen as Othello’s new lieutenant. He feels that this is clearly unjust, as Iago believes that he would be much better suited for the job. We will write a custom essay sample on Justice in Othello or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In his planning to obtain justice for himself, he plots revenge on not only Othello, but on Cassio as well. Iago’s plans are all going well, and he would have gotten away with everything had his wife, Emilia, not spoken up after Desdemona’s death and told Othello what her husband had done. Iago’s actions, although his plans were well thought-out and cleanly executed, ultimately led him to his own demise, as Cassio was put in charge of Iago’s torture. Iago also feels that Othello is unjustly in a position of power and authority. He feels as though it is a personal offense to him that a â€Å"Moor† should be in a higher position than he is. Because Iago feels that Moors are below him, he acts out against this injustice. For Iago, justice is the same as enacting revenge on everyone who has wronged him, or treated him unjustly. An individual who seeks justice against a loved one will go to even greater extremes to obtain this justice. However, because the actions taken were more extreme, the consequences will also be worse. Othello suspects that Desdemona is being disloyal to him and sets out to gain justice. In his eyes, he cannot obtain his justice while the person who has wronged him is still living. However, after learning that Iago tricked him into mistrusting Desdemona, the magnitude of what he has done becomes apparent to him, and he kills himself. Othello is an individual who strongly supports the idea that when an individual treats another unjustly, he should be subject to whatever punishment the wronged individual sees fit in order to obtain his sense of justice. The search for justice has a significant impact on the play as a whole. This search is ultimately the driving force behind the story. Although revenge plays a role, the revenge is prompted by the desire for justice after having been wronged. Without the characters’ separate quests for justice, the play would have no driving force behind it, and the characters themselves would have not motivation to prompt their actions. When an individual searches for justice, he will find that the extremity of his actions lead to severe repercussions that ultimately outweigh the success of attaining his justice. Seeking revenge as an attempt to feel as though justice has been served eventually leads to the downfall of the individual, whether by his own feelings of guilt or by the actions of others.

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How Social Order Is Possible Essays - Criminology, Deviance

How Social Order Is Possible 1. How is social order possible? The way in which social order is achieved has been the subject of many theories presented by respectable sociologists such as Emile Durkheim, Thomas Hobbes, George Herbert Mead, and Karl Marx. Among the most prominent of these theories are Hobbes Social Control theory and Meads Symbolic Interactionism theory. Through these two theories, it is possible to gain a better understanding of how social order can be achieved. The social control theory of Thomas Hobbes has five basic premises to it. The first premise is that humans are egotistical beings that will do anything to fulfill their wants and desires. The second premise is based on the idea that because humans are egotistical, crime and deviance are a natural occurrence and do not need to be explained. Instead, those who are not criminalistic or deviant are the ones who need to be explained. The third premise is that humans conform to societal values and norms through rational choice. They do this by weighing the consequences of bad actions with the perceived benefits of good actions, then decide whether to proceed in the direction of good or bad. The fourth premise is that social control is a response to deviance and crime; coercive forms of social control can regulate or reduce crime and deviance. This is possible through the final premise, which is that the fear of consequences imposed by the state influences members of society to adhere to so cietal norms. The adherence comes from human beings being afraid of suffering a painful and horrible death, whether physical or societal. The social control theory holds strong validation in explaining why most people follow the values and norms of society. In a way though, the theory contradicts itself. The first premise of humans being egotistical is an excellent observation in human nature. Most human beings continually strive to achieve goals that they perceive as valuable. This theory is best illustrated by American culture where competitiveness and the drive for escalation in social status is apparent in just about everyone. American colleges and universities are often the breeding ground of competitiveness for jobs after graduation. By looking at the large number of students enrolled in secondary education, it can be seen that many Americans choose to receive schooling in hopes of making more money and gaining an elevated social status. The second premise of Hobbes theory is where he seems he contradicts himself. The contradiction comes from him saying that deviance and crime are human nature, and then in his fifth premise saying that members adhere to societal norms because they fear a horrible and painful physical or social death. If the fifth premise were true, then no one would commit crimes or become deviant, which contradicts the second premise of deviance and crime should be expected. The fifth premise also seems invalid because it does not account for the vast number of criminals that are in jail or that have been executed. Obviously, the fear of social or physical death did not stop the large number of inmates that are flowing though the American criminal justice system. It does explain though, why those who are not in jail chose to follow societal norms. Most would agree that the consequences of committing a crime far outweigh the benefits, but again, it does not explain for those who do not share this belief. The social control theory does give a glimpse of how victimization occurs. In their quest for egotistical needs, human beings ultimately have to either be better than others to get what they want, or unlawfully take it from someone. This creates the victimization aspect of the criminal justice process from the deviance and criminal nature of humans. Whenever a criminal commits a crime, no matter how petty the crime is, a victim suffers in one way or another. It can be concluded then, that the social control theory rationalizes the victimization of people in order for human beings to satisfy their wants and needs through deviance and crime. Another theory that is pertinent to the stabilization of social control is George Herbert Meads theory of symbolic interactionism. The symbolic interactionism theory holds six basic premises, which Mead

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Essay on Coevolutionary processes for strategic decisionsEssay Writing Service

Essay on Coevolutionary processes for strategic decisionsEssay Writing Service Essay on Coevolutionary processes for strategic decisions Essay on Coevolutionary processes for strategic decisionsStrategic decision-making in the long-term perspective is complicated because of the high level of ambiguity existing in the environment. Using traditional approaches and traditional tools of analysis might be efficient in short-term perspective and even in the middle-term perspective, but in the long-term perspective the responses of competitors, technological and structural changes of the environment and other major factors reduce the usefulness of existing business analysis tools.The purpose of this paper is to discuss coevolutionary gaming, to consider how this approach can be used to facilitate group decision making, how this approach might affect communication processes and how it can change the biases of group decision-making. It is also important to consider the cases in which coevolutionary gaming might hinder the processes of group decision-making.Coevolutionary gamingOne of approaches to analyzing games with multiple equilibria and infinite games in game theory is coevolutionary gaming. In this approach, the moves of the players are based both of previous actions of the player and its opponents, on the new moves undertaken by other players and on the new abilities acquired by other players. Therefore, the players evolve simultaneously while developing their strategies against each other.Coevolutionary gaming can be used not only in game theory. There are various applications of coevolutionary gaming to planning, resource allocation and decision-making. For example, military structures use the TEMPO military planning game in which several teams can invest into existing forces, acquire extra forces or modify them, invest into RD, develop intelligence and counter-intelligence (Johnson, 2005). The probability of war and war states are announced basing on the systems state. This game helps to achieve optimal allocation of resources in defensive and offensive technologies in the long-term period.Anot her example is the use of coevolutionary gaming for strategic analysis of competitive landscape. The Department of Defense uses coevolutionary gaming approach for analyzing the most viable alternatives in the long-term perspective in cases when strategy landscape is complex (Cares Miskel, 2007). Up to four teams perform strategic moves and responses modeling specific periods of time. The game might last up to 3 days, and the time horizons covered by strategic moves might exceed 20 or 30 years. The trajectory of co-evolution of teams is then analyzed and the dynamics of competition in the long-term period is considered.The impact of coevolutionary gaming on communication processesThere are many ways in which coevolutionary gaming can be used to enhance business decision-making. In particular, the use of coevolutionary gaming can help to determine the optimal approaches to communication and the extent of sharing information with the external world. For example, in one of the coevolut ionary games played by the Department of Defense, one team invested into a powerful RD technology, while the other team chose to invest into deception and concealment which discredited the emerging technology and made its profitability rather low (Cares Miskel, 2007). The considered case illustrates that competitors should choose a very balanced approach to sharing information, should avoid sharing too many details about the emerging technologies and should include various communication techniques as part of their business strategy. The cases of information leaks and deception should also be accounted for in a business strategy.For the purposes of strategic decision-making, it might be reasonable to consider the role of coevolutionary gaming in terms of Johari window. Johari window consists of four zones: open area (known both by the player and others), blind area (unknown by the player, but known by the others), hidden area (known by the player, unknown by the others) and unknown area (unknown by the player and other players) (Griffin Moorhead, 2009). The process of coevolutionary gaming allows to discover certain characteristics from the blind area and place them into the open area, and also helps to identify the characteristics in the hidden area which might be moved to open area and which should not be moved to open area. In the above-mentioned example with RD investments, the blind zone of the player which made RD investments was low sensitivity to external feedback and excess focus on research. These characteristics were uncovered in the coevolutionary gaming process.The impact of coevolutionary gaming on group decision biasesCoevolutionary gaming allows to eliminate some of the group decision biases. Using coevolutionary gaming, the players can explore the dynamics of competitive evolution and assess existing decision-making flaws. Furthermore, coevolutionary gaming helps to work out robust strategies which remain competitive in different evolutionary situations. Arriving to such strategies might require several coevolutionary games, but the resulting strategic approaches might be applicable in a larger variety of competitive situations.At the same time, coevolutionary gaming might also add new group decision-making biases. Since coevolutionary games are largely played between the representatives of one organization or company, the dynamics of these games is influenced by the corporate culture and values, and therefore might not reflect the patterns of true competitive dynamics. Furthermore, the universal strategies obtained in the process of coevolutionary gaming might be not optimal and not profit-maximizing in the majority of situations.ConclusionCoevolutionary gaming is an innovative approach which can be used for developing the frameworks of long-term business strategies. Coevolutionary gaming can be used to improve communication processes within the company as well as external communication processes. Furthermore, coevolut ionary gaming can help to expand to Johari window and to open some companys characteristics previously located in the blind zone. The use of coevolutionary gaming can help to reduce group decision-making biases. However, coevolutionary gaming can also impede decision-making due to the impact of corporate culture on evolutionary strategies and due to the use of similar strategy patterns in different situations. Therefore, it is necessary to have a critical approach the results of coevolutionary gaming.

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The Effects of Global Economic Integration on Countries Essay

The Effects of Global Economic Integration on Countries - Essay Example There are several crucial historical pieces of evidence which point to the fact that there existed significant trade and economic relationships among civilizations of the ancient period. Every nation of the world today is engaged in commercial, political, and economic relationships with other nations and it has become the basic strategy for the progress of these nations. In the course of time, such agreements and relationships among world-nations became essential to the economic growth and prosperity of every nation, paving the way for the current international organizations and associations for regional and global agreements. This paper examines, based on empirical research findings, the effects of global economic integration on countries and the world, focusing on both the positive and negative impact of global integration. Global economic integration is an important economic process affecting various nations of the world in the age of globalization and it is essential to comprehend the basic aspects of this process. Thus, economic integration can be defined as the economic process â€Å"whereby markets and production in different countries become increasingly interdependent due to dynamics of trade in goods and services and flows of capital and technology† (Sparrow, Brewster & Harris 17). As Saskia Sassen (2006) maintains, â€Å"a good part of globalization consists of an enormous variety of micro-processes that begin to denationalize what had been constructed as national — whether policies, capital, political subjectivities, urban spaces, temporal frames, or any other of a variety of dynamics and domains’’ (Sassen, 1). Dominick Salvatore explains the theory of economic integration as â€Å"preferential trade arrangements to free trade areas, customs unions, common markets and economic unions’’ (Salvatore 321).