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Cell Phone Technology Essay

The stall cry technology that is ever changing by the day was scientifically invented and born back in the primeval 1980s. Science was the main key to the consume of the electric carrel environ which was put together by the Motorola Company who today is still making cubicle ph wizs. beforehand the cell telephony came forth the car telephony was the first mobile address which were very large and had to be hooked up to a briefcase which supplied the military group for the mobile visit. Science was the utilized to create the cell phone and today the do of cell phones has brought literature to the palm of our hands.With science as the foundation to the birth of the cell phone technology age has not only brought the birth but has as well as brought new births of other new technologies. The cell phone is basically a piano tuner and the invention of the cell phone traces back all the way to the radio. As we all k right off Alexander Bell back in 1876 invented the telephon e and shortly after that the radio was invented about 1880 by Nikolia Telsa.Now with science and technology these two were combined to create what we call the cell phone or cellular phone. How wedge works) With science came the cell phone and with continued scientifically research the course of take ins bring more technology to the cell phone that would change the world. Professors, cell phone companies, and others use the art and knowledge of past use science to retain building on top of the birth of the cell phone. Scientist and researchers around the world see a successful future in the cell phone industry and jumps on the opportunity that will be one of the fastest emergence industries of today.Just after the invention of the cell phone researches begin to work on a smaller and more efficient cell phone as the first one is very inefficient as it requires a large power supply to run the phone. It was impossible to carry around as it only could be used in automobiles due to the large power supply. not only the power supply was large the actual radio waves used where also not suited to availability for everyone to use as there were at more or less around 25 available channels per tower, per town. (How stuff works) Researchers begin to use science to begin to make the cell phone industry more efficient and available for everyone.The next step to making the cell phone more available was to start with having more channels to handle all the cell phone conversations. Duplex channels are needed to be used in order for two people to talk to each other at the same time. The next step was figuring out how to add the amount of available frequencies and how to make them available without confliction. Cell towers were streng whenceed across cities and each cell tower were available to have up to 56 conversations handout at one time. That was still not enough as they forecasted to have more than that as people started to purchase cell phones.The problem with thi s is that if anyone more that those 56 would not be able to talk with anyone until someone out of the 56 ended. The next scientifically challenge was to make the availability of conversation at a greater number with the use of higher frequencies. (How stuff works) One problem with cell towers is that in the beginning there were not enough cell towers to keep a conversation going when the person on the cell phone was on the move. As a person on a cell phone is on the move through a city it connects itself to the closest cell tower in range and when out of range it connects to the next nearest cell tower.The problem with this is that there were not enough cell towers which created dead spots which we all know as drop calls. Along with insufficient number of towers the cell phone was analog which was known as 1G (1st Generation) cell phones. As cell towers grew more frequencies were needed to grow as well. This brought the first digital cell phone which was considered the 2G (2nd Gener ation) cell phone. (How stuff works) With the creation of the digital cell phone also brought the availability of more frequencies. With more frequencies more people were able to have conversations at one time for each tower.Each tower carried the same number of frequencies and as the digital phone came in more cell towers were being built. ultimately there would be hundreds of cell towers in each city that would be able to handle the number of people with cell phones. Currently we are now in the 4G (4th Generation) age and with that technology we are able to do things on cell phones that we never thought we could do 30 years ago. Over the year the technology and science of cell phone has grown faster than any other product. The technology has driven the cell phone technology to connections around the world.It has also connected people like no other communication device. People from around the world are now communicating and connecting more to family, friends, and others across the country. Not only are they talking to each other but they are also communicating now with other technology aspects that has grown onto the cell phone age. People are now connecting through the internet using their cell phones and people are now connecting in ways that are changing the world. The biggest scientific change in cell phones is text messaging.The cell phone eventually became more than just a radio telephone communication device. We then started to use the cell phone to send text messages like a email message. Businesses around the globe had a big impact on the technology that was built in cell phones technology. Business people around the globe needed to have email communication at all times so then that was integrated into the cell phone. Then came text messaging which was short text messages sent from phone to phone. Text messaging became a big hit as more and more people started to sway towards the text messaging than talking over the phone.When text messaging starte d T9 was introduced which is predictive texting or others may know it as Text on 9 Keys. (http//www. ask. com/wiki/T9_(predictive_text) This is a program running in the background that automatically predicts the words you are trying to type in a text message. This made it easier and faster to spell out words as it would spell out the word you are trying to type without having to type out the whole word. The creation of texting has not only brought a new way of communicating with others but has also created another problems in results of the creation of texting.A 2008 study by the mobile industrys trade association CTIA found that among teens ages 13 to 19, 57 percent view their mobile phones as key to their social life, and most view texting as a vital feature. (34) According to this information it has brought attention that teen drivers are being distracted while driving with cell phone usage and texting. This is creating an upwards in automobile accidents and deaths in this coun try. The California Highway Patrol released a report Wednesday showing that talking on a cellphone while behind the wheel is the leading factor contributing to crashes blamed on inattentive drivers.Furthermore, the US Department of Transportation reports that distracted driving contend a role in nearly 6,000 deaths and 500,000 injuries in 2009. (34) As you can see in the California Highway Patrol report it shows a growing number of accidents due to text messaging or using cell phone while driving a automobile. The government today is having a great(p) time reducing the statistics of automobile accidents due to cell phone usage and is looking for a solution to eliminate it. No matter what is done you cannot separate public drivers from using their cell phones in a automobile.A probable solution has come up that may help in reducing the statistics by installing cell phone jammers. When a automobile is in the drive mode a cell phone jammer will activate and prevent anyone in the ca r from using a cell phone. A person would have to pull to the side of the road and put the automobile into park mode in order to deactivate the cell phone jammer. Then they will be allowed to use their cell phones for any use. This is only a probable solution and it doesnt sound like a great one but it is something to start off with and hopefully eventually one day it can be inscribed into a real solution.

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