Sunday, October 13, 2019

Fighting Corruption through Making Music :: Essays on Corruption

Fighting Corruption through Music Singing about corruption is not a new thing and can be described as a disease one can compare with HIV/Aids as been the second most popular in Africa. Thus many see it as the most main cause of many African states slowness in terms of stable economic growth .It is therefore no secret to many ordinary citizens you who keep wondering or face with the dilemma as to how really their governments are operating .As such life in relation to economic growth during and after post colonial rule as always been a litmus test. Sierra Leone The name meaning (Lion mountain) from a Portuguese sailor ?Pedro da sentra also this beautiful diamond shaped country was used by then British colonial masters to settle free slaves thus the capital city was named Freetown .With so many minerals and other resources combined with already many IMF loans been given many see it as been far enough to have change the deplorable living standard of many of its citizens forty years after independence. It is therefore no surprise to many n view of the present governing authorities lack of transparency and willingness to prosecute or crack down hard on those they found in corrupt practice , the faith of many citizens on the Anti-corruption commission been set up is nothing to go by. State of the music industry The music Industry has dramatically grown in the last couple of years despite harsh conditions faced by musicians and composers alike. For many music is sacred , thus it can calm the troubled mind and bind the wandering sense. As such , Sierra Leone during the past years has produced some distinct traditional musicians such as: John Gbala ,Amy Kallon. , Salia,, Rogers(Rogie),Ebenezer Calender and many more.As old musicians continue to rebirth themselves and young musicians continue to see the music industry gaining its reputation , there is now arrays of musicians in categories such as : R&B, POP, traditional , Reggae and religious music. Level of Censorship The level of censorship on music is always a big question whenever musicians produced songs about sensitive issues such as ?

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