Saturday, September 28, 2019

Customer Service- Project- Sandford Health of North Dakota Assignment

Customer Service- Project- Sandford Health of North Dakota - Assignment Example its patient’s sufficient expert medical care as it is currently one of the health care institutions with a leading edge in technologies and up to date facilities of the excellent status. With its headquarter on a 500-bed Sanford USD Medical Center in Sioux falls, South Dakota  (Sanford Health, n.d), the institution also operates a number of health care facilities across the United States of America, including two dozen hospitals and other clinics, more than 130 in number with their locations in North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Sanford Health has over the years excelled in its approach to the provision of health care services to its customers through the enhancement of its clinical care, research approaches, which work towards the establishment of new and  more  innovative approaches  for the  treatment and cure of the common diseases affecting members of the communities and the world at large. The hospital currently offers pediatric intensive care services, level-two trauma center, air transport services, women and children’s orthopedics, cancer and heart centers. Ideally, with services, Sanford Health remains the busiest health care facility in North Dakota, where it also offers individual insurance to the patients from the community (Sanford Health, n.d). For the provision of high quality  service to customers, every organization must have an outstanding management system that would works to bridge the gap between quality service and the patients. Sanford Health has put in place a very organized management that works to spearhead the day today running of the institution. The management has also developed a strong and established customer service department, which ensures that all the clients are served diligently. Such an aspect is of significant importance as it plays an integral role in connecting the organization to the esteemed diverse clientele. To achieve the highest  working  standards in the customer service

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